Free Three-Year-Old Social Studies Homeschool Program

As a homeschool Mom, I’m looking for a free program that gives my littles an equivalent–or better–education than they would receive in a public school setting.

You see, I am a public school educator by profession, and I want my kids to be on target.

Currently, my favorite resources are the Florida State Standards for Three-Year-Olds. When I follow these standards, I get a sense of what my children should be learning, and from these standards, I have created the following free, engaging homeschool program for four-year-old social studies.

Following, you will see the five three-year-old standards. Click for resources!

  1. Begins to recognize and appreciate similarities and differences in people.
  2. Begins to understand family characteristics, roles and functions.
  3. Shows awareness of some social roles and jobs that people do.
  4. Demonstrates awareness of group rules.
  5. Demonstrates awareness of the environment around them.

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